The International Institute for Compassionate Cities is initiating the creation of a body of resources (including forms, proclamations, funding sources, and support organizations), collecting and distributing information on best practices, identifying supportive research, providing a broad range of media (policy papers and related publications, audio and video recordings), and conducting on-site and web-based symposia, workshops and retreats.

Educational Programs

The Institute’s education process is collaborative. Not only is the Institute a source for its original content, it will feature content from its partner cities, universities, service institutions and others. This collaborative approach allows the Institute and the cities/regions to develop together, building a more comprehensive, practical and valuable body of knowledge and resources to support work world-wide to foster compassion.

Visitors to our site will be able to take online courses covering topics such as:

  1. The Compassionate Cities Dialogues — an exchange of ideas, needs and inspiration.
  2. Starting a compassionate city campaign in your city or region.
  3. Planning for your compassionate city campaign.
  4. Building successful partnerships.
  5. The basics of fundraising.

We’ll also be offering practical programs on creating a culture of compassion.